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Consulting Services

There are many common mistakes, that in themselves appear to be insignificant, however, when ignored, can be extremely costly in hardware damage. Our scope of work is focused in the support of the prime consultants, specifying engineers, the operations and maintenance personnel. Our extensive experience, both in the USA and worldwide, has been used to assist clients resolve surge and lightning related problems. These investigations and solutions continue to significantly contribute to our knowledge for the design of protection systems, specifications and failure avoidance. Knowing the mistakes that are commonly made, allows us to quickly diagnose actual problems and avoid potential problems in protection system designs.

As a UNIQUE woman owned, small business, we will make a professional and experienced contribution to the success of your project. A combination of good engineering practice, combined with related economics, is the objectives of our project goals.

There are 4 reasons for the failure of a Lightning Protection System:

  • Poor initial design
  • A design based on flawed information or specifications
  • Lack of knowledge of the coupling mechanisms that cause the damage and the risks
  • Deterioration of the protection system with time, stress and modifications.

Our involvement in a project can be at any or all stages in the scope.


After the fact investigation of failures and damage to equipment can be a lengthy process of elimination by inexperienced investigators. This is both time, labor and financially expensive that can take years to resolve, known as "trial and error". Our knowledge and experience in investigations for decades will result in fast and precise identification of the cause providing detailed options for solutions. Each solution offered is accompanied by the advantages and disadvantages of each allowing the client to select the path to follow.

Ground Resistance Testing & Certification

We will travel to your site to measure the earth resistance, evaluate the inter-connect and test the complete grounding systems to ensure they are correctly installed according the electrical code, (NEC Article 250) and are operating according to the resistance NFPA 780 specification.  A detailed report and recommendations will be submitted for the client's review.

Design & Specifying

Determining the earthing system design and the location and type of surge protection required in a system, is essential for the long term reliability and life-time maintenance cost of the project. The interaction between surge protection and earthing is a key component in a successful protection system. Correctly specifying the various modules and components of a protection system ensures that the overall objectives are achieved in a “lowest” bidder environment. Such specifications are vendor “neutral” and clearly specify the minimum features and performance that are required to meet the goals.


Working direct or as a sub to a "consultant Engineering Inspector" (CEI),  we inspect the specialized issues related to the Lightning Protection system. It is imperative that the sites are inspected to ensure that the contractor has followed the specification and ensured that an adequate earthing and protection system is installed. Knowing what to look for and the common mistakes that are made is part of our unique abilities related to our years of experience in site investigations worldwide.


Bidders provide product specifications in the submittals process assuring that they meet the specification requirements. The multitude of surge protection devices that are available can often confuse contractors.  Even be misled by unscrupulous vendors. Evaluation of the offerings by our experienced and knowledgeable engineers will ensure that the protection goals are met and comply with national standards and testing. 

Upgrade Reviews

Installed systems, when considered for upgrade, require the lightning and surge protection system to be audited and inspected on a site by site basis. Installing new systems into an environment that has already deteriorated can risk the new equipment to early damage and failure. This audit can include the review of the original design documentation, written specifications and vendor submittals for all aspects of the earthing and surge protection. This will include review of damage reports and on site detailed examination.


Surge and lighting issues are full of myths and misunderstandings of cause and effect. Many technicians and engineers accept lightning related damage as an "act of god" that cannot be prevented. This myth encourages the lack of detailed design to prevent such damage. In addition, the lack of understanding of the functions of the various components of the lightning protection system prevents a clear problem investigation. The seminars are designed to educate the delegates in the coupling mechanisms of lightning that cause the damage, details of an effective lightning protection system, techniques to audit a site as part of an investigation or preventative maintenance program and assists specifying engineers to design lightning protection systems that will provide decades of protection for the installed equipment.

We look forward to an opportunity to contribute to your project.


Justin (Jay) A Cook

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