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lightning storm

Lightning is one of the most powerful natural phenomena in the world today. Although it does not compete with Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados or Tsunamis for instant devastation and loss of life, it consistently causes billions of dollars of damage a year, accumulated on a daily basis.

Lightning strikes in the USA

According to IEC specifications, you can expect a maximum lightning current up to 200 kA. In such a case, you need a surge protector that has a surge current capacity of at least half this value. Lightning is the result of a discharge between two charged areas. These can be between :

  • Cloud to cloud
  • Intra cloud
  • Cloud to Ground

If we consider that there are on average 100 cloud to ground lightning events every second around the world, add to this the proliferation of electronics in the business and home, the global cost of lightning and surge damage is millions of dollars daily.

The magnitude of the energy in a lightning flash is not well known by most people designing protection systems. Additionally the coupling mechanism that causes the damage is not well understood by many. The lack of understanding of these two issues contributes to many of the myths that have evolved about lightning. The most significant of these myths is that "a SITE cannot survive a direct lightning strike."

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Lightning papers

Over the years I have authored numerous white papers and published articles on Lightning and Surge Protection. Below are a few of these that may be of interest. Some have been published in the ITS International and IMSA Journals.

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