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Let us take the guesswork out of your Lightning Protection Systems

We have developed, researched and collected a significant amount of scientific and systems information on the diverse issues related to “Lightning Protection”, products and systems.
These have been collated into four categories that are comprehensive and detailed that can assist you in the understanding of lightning protection and guide you in system designs and selection of solutions.

Lightning protection systems are a combination of four disciplines:-
  • The scientific understanding of lightning
  • Electrical engineering including Bonding (NEC Article 250)
  • An in-depth understanding of surge protection devices, (SPD’s), designs, functions and capabilities.
  • The Physical lightning protection system for structures, consisting of lightning rods and grounding - (NFPA 780)

The end result of a good system design will be an effective lightning protection system, with longevity, as a result of these first three areas of knowledge and training, combined with effective physical protection system for structures.

Some of the diverse sites and installations that we have investigated for lightning damage:

  • Toll plazas and tolling systems

  • 911 Communications, EOC and EMS sites

  • Intelligent transportation and traffic control systems

  • Water treatment plants and pump stations

  • Administration and business offices

  • Cellular, Microware and AM transmitting tower sites

  • Museum and Nature conservation buildings

The following are a compilation of technical and scientific papers that cover a broad spectrum of complex issues.  These are by no means definitive but are added to as new materials becomes available.
Should you find that your questions or issues are not addressed in one or more of the sections, please do not hesitate to allow us to assist you further.

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