Lightning Control Consultants, Inc.

Let us take the guesswork out of your Lightning Protection Systems

Most lightning damage can be PREVENTED with properly designed and maintained protection systems. 

Engineers that are responsible for the OPERATIONS and MAINTENANCE of complex building and infrastructure systems, although experts in their own fields, have limited knowledge in Lightning Protection systems and are often subject to vendors promoting their individual products, considering only part of the overall system.

Our business falls into three main areas:-

  • site or system Investigations at locations that have sustained lightning related damage, similar to forensic engineers.  Identifying the flaws in the protection system providing recommendations for updates and improvements will minimize the risk of further lightning damage.
  • Training of personnel in the engineering techniques to investigate or audit a site's lightning protection systems.
  • As part of a consultant engineering team, design the earthing, bonding and specify the surge protection devices to be installed.

We are pure consultants and do not sell or promote any vendor, manufacturer or specific hardware. We do not have any conflict of interest issues.

As consultants, we address the total protection system, determining the cause of damage and providing a detailed report, recommendation and even a detailed RFP for upgrades.  Many of the issues that cause the problems are poor design, deterioration of the earthing and incorrect or lack of surge protection devices.

The lightning protection system consists of :-

  • the equi-potential earthing array and a low resistance
  • the complete inter-connection of the earth system complying with (NEC article 250 bonding)
  • The surge protection devices
  • The physical lightning protection system consisting of air terminals and an earthing system

Frequent auditing of the protection system as part of a "preventative maintenance" program is key to minimizing costly failures and damage.

What makes us different?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Involvement in scientific Lightning Research
  • Training in electronics & communications
  • Experience with complex earthing systems
  • Decades of experience both in the USA and worldwide of damaged site investigations
  • Over a decade of Surge Protection products design and applications.
  • We consider the WHOLE protection system

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